BSIT Double Majors: Applied Math & Applied Physics

Students are able to double major in IT and one of the areas below by choosing these selected concentrations.  In most cases, students can still graduate in four years without taking any additional credits.

Applied Math

  • Math 211 Calculus III
  • Math 222 Differential Equations
  • Math 226 Discrete Analysis
  • Math 331 Introduction to Partial Differential Equations 
  • Math 332 Introduction to Functions of a Complex Variable
  • Math 333 Probability and Statistics
  • Math 337 Linear Algebra
  • Math 340 Applied Numerical Methods and Optimization
  • Math 450H Methods of Applied Mathematics I (Capstone I)
  • Math 451H Methods of Applied Mathematics II (Capstone II)
  • Math 480 Advanced Calculus I
  • Math 495 Topics in Applied Mathematics or Math 473 Intermediate Differential Equations
  • Math Elective 300+ (Consult Advisor)
  • Math Elective 400+ (Consult Advisor)

Students choosing this concentration must take eight hours of Calculus (111 and 112) to fulfill the math GUR requirement.

Applied Physics

  • Phys 234 Physics III
  • Phys 231A Physics III Lab
  • Phys 335 Thermodynamics
  • Phys 430 Classical Mechanics I
  • Phys 432 Electricity and Magnetism I
  • Phys 442 Quantum Mechanics I
  • R750:461 Computational Physics
  • Phys 490 Independent Study

For all course descriptions please visit the NJIT Undergraduate Catalog.

Choose 1 of the following sequences (4 courses each):

9/10/11/12 OPSE:
OPSE 301 Optical Science and Engineering I, OPSE 310 Virtual Instrumentation, OPSE 402 High Power Laser and Photonics, Phys 443 Modern Optics

9/10/11/12 Astronomy:
Phys 320 Astronomy I, Phys 321 Astronomy II, Phys 322 Observational Astronomy, Phys 444 Plasma Physics

9/10/11/12 MEMS/Microelectronics:
Phys 481 MEMS/Microelectronics I, Phys 482 MEMS/Microelectronics II, Phys 446 Solid State Physics, EE/Physics elective.

Students choosing this concentration must take eight hours of Physics (111/111A and 112/112A) to fulfill the science GUR requirement.