Careers in IS and IT

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

Information Systems jobs are among the highest paying and fastest growing, according to the US Department of Labor. 

U.S. Rep. Jared Polis says the Computer Science Education Act would help train American students for the more than 1.5 million high-paying computing jobs expected to be created in the United States by 2018. Read More

Information Systems graduates move into positions of responsibility and leadership in corporations, small businesses and government organizations.  Modern enterprises depend on Information Systems specialists, valuing their ability to design innovative and effective computing solutions to meet complex organization objectives.

Business, Web, & IS Job Growth

(summary flyer)

Network / Communications Analysts 53%
Software Engineers / Application Analysts 34%
Database Administrators 20%
Network / Systems Administrators 23%
Computer Systems Analysts 20%
Management Analysts 24%

* Projected job growth between 2008 and 2018 from the US Department of Labor

Business, Web, & IS Salaries

summary flyer)

Web Content Designer $60K
Web Interface Designer $90K
Business Systems Analyst / Designer $60K
Information Systems Auditor $64K
Database Analyst $66K
Application Systems Analyst $64K
ERP Analyst $78K
Web Content Specialist $64K
Database Administrator $103K

* Median entry-level salary levels in the metro-NY region from, July 2011

Every major industry depends on IT professionals and their ability to design, set up, program and support the tools and infrastructure needed to compete in a technological world. Some career opportunities are:

  • Network Security: Wireless Network Security Administrator, Digital Crime Analyst, Firewall Administrator, System Administrator, Network Security Analyst
  • Multimedia: Graphics Designer, Video Editor, Graphics Artist & Animator
  • Criminal Justice & Law: Law Enforcement, Forensics Specialist, National Security and Federal Government
  • Management: MIS Administrator, IS Manager, IT Manager
  • Web Applications : Web Designer, Information Systems Manager, Webmaster, Systems Analyst, Database Administrator
  • Game Development: Game Designer, Game Programmer, Software Designer, Programmer/Analyst

​Median IT Salaries* for a graduate working in the NJ, NY, PA area:

IT Systems Administrator: $87,000

Network Administrator: $67,473

Unix Administrator: $107,552

Web Applications Developer I: $ 65,446

Web Designer: $82,541

Interface Web Designer: $96,770

Game Developer: $ 81,192

Video Game Programmer: $ 99,000

Game Development (Art & Animation): $ 71,354

Video Game Designer: $ 70,223

Video Game Production: $ 85,687

Video Game Development (Audio): $ 68,088

Game Development (Business Mgr.): $ 102,160

IT Project Coordinator: $ 106,096

IT Assets Manager: $ 117,830

Computer/Data Forensics Agent: $ 119,000

Network Security Systems Manager: $ 111,509


Career projections for IT Graduates are very optimistic. Additionally, the US News and World Report included four IT Jobs (Database Administrator, IT Manager, Web Developer & Information Security Analyst) among the top 30 best jobs of their 100 Best Jobs listTo view the schedule of all CDS Company's Information Sessions please click here.   Visit CDS also for information on Co-ops and Internships.