Game Development Specialization Courses

The Game Development specialization is designed to give students a command of programming in C and C++ as well as other scripting languages (such as Unreal Script, XML, Lua and Python are commonly used in game development) associated with game development. The students will learn how the system architecture for games is designed with various considerations in mind such as the target platform and 2D or 3D graphics. Students will learn how to design and create their own game engines as well as how to program the game logic that uses those engines. Upon graduation, a student from the Game Development specialization will have completed both game modification projects and a number of games they have programmed from scratch and implemented on multiple platforms.

Potential careers for students interested in Game Development:  

  • Game Designer
  • Software Designer
  • Game Programmer
  • Software Engineer
  • Programmer/Analyst

Please visit the NJIT Undergraduate Catalog for all IT course descriptions.

Choose 8 courses from the list below for the specialization:

Course  ID

Course Name

Normally Offered


CS 280 Programming Language Concepts Fall and Spring IT 102
CS 288 Advanced Programming Practicum Fall and Spring CS 114 or equivalent;

CS 280

CS 370 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Spring ONLY CS 114 (and Math 226 or CS 241)
CS 490 Design in Software Engineering Fall and Spring Senior Standing or Dept. Approval
IT 265 Game Architecture and Design or CS 265 Spring IT 201
IT 276 Game Development or CS 276 Spring IT 265 & IT 266 or CS 265 & 266
IT 266 Game Modification Development or CS 266


IT 102 or CS 116
or CS 114
IT 286 Foundations of Game Production
or COM 266
Spring IT 202 & IT 265
IT 287 Advanced Game Production Spring IT 286 or COM 266
IT 366 3D Game Development or CS 366 TBA  
IT 386 3D Modeling and Animation or COM 335 Spring ONLY IT 201
IT 388 Character Modeling Spring ONLY Ask Advisor
IT 4XX (Game Development Workshop)    

AD 150

Color and Composition
ARCH 434 Simulated Environments Fall ONLY Senior Year

High GPA

COM 345 Character Modeling and Animation Spring Two from among HUM 102, HUM 211, HUM 212 & HUM 213
Math 337 Linear Algebra Fall and Spring Math 112
STS 318 Educational Media Design Fall IT 201