Learning Beyond the Classroom

How IS and IT Students Make a Difference 

There are many beneficial opportunities for IS students learning outside of the classroom environment for both undergraduate and graduate students. The world has an increasing need for professionals who can apply information technology to all aspects of life, and an IT degree can put you in a central role in that enterprise. By gaining a broad understanding of how computer handle information--and the evolution, design, integration and management of systems--you could help build infrastructures at organizations that might one day play a key role in the global economy. IT professionals design, deploy, and manage computing and telecommunications resources and services in a wide variety of fields including network security, management, multimedia, Web applications, gaming, engineering, criminal justice and architecture. 

Capstone Program

The Ying Wu College of Computing Science’s Capstone Program matches interdisciplinary teams of senior students with clients from industry, government and university programs to develop customized software and database applications, to design and test devices, or to analyze and diagnose a variety of business problems. Clients have included large organizations such as Johnson and Johnson, IMS Health, CIT, PSE&G and Honeywell, as well as smaller high-tech companies like Nextech Group, Morpholytics, and Cyberextruder. Visit the Capstone Project website.                      

Co-ops & Internships

Cooperative Education (Co-op) is an academic program that gives students the opportunity to gain paid professional work experience before graduation.Co-op work experiences are closely aligned with your major studies and improve understanding of the relationship between classroom theory and practical application.  Nearly 2600 different companies have hired NJIT students over the past decade. Employers range from large multinationals to small start-up companies. Students have completed their co-op assignments in New Jersey, ten other states, and four foreign countries.

In addition to NJIT's Career Services co-op opportunities, we also offer an entire Co-op Path for our bachelor degrees.  Students are required to fulfill the usual degree requirements but may substitute approved work experience for two of their general electives.

Internships provide a learning experience that may vary in length. They most often coincide with a semester or the summer.  Internship assignments may be paid or unpaid and no college credit is given.

​Research Experience

Undergraduates can work alongside faculty in cutting edge research in such areas as the SmartCampus project, emergency management information systems, e-customer  relations, and multimedia group collaboration.