Network & Information Security Specialization

Network Security is a high priority for computing professionals, in business organizations, government agencies, the military, and any proprietary setting. Students choosing this specialization will come to understand the evolution of computer security; applied computer operations and security protocols; data transmission and storage protection methods via cryptography; ways of identifying, understanding and recovering from attacks against computer systems; methods of security breach prevention; network systems availability; applications security, recovery and business continuation procedures; and counter systems penetrations techniques.

Potential careers for students interested in Network and Information Security:  

  • Wireless Networks Security Administrator
  • Network Security Analyst, Information Assurance Engineer
  • Firewall Administrator
  • Digital Crime Analyst
  • Computer Infrastructure Protection Specialist

Choose 8 courses for the Specialization:

Course ID

Course Name

Normally Offered

IT 220 Wireless Networks Security Fall and Spring
IT 230 Computer & Network Systems Security Fall and Spring
IT 310 E-Commerce Technology Fall and Spring
IT 330 Computer Forensics Fall and Spring
IT 331 Privacy and IT Fall and Spring
IT 332 Digital Crime Fall and Spring
IT 400 Information Technology and the Law Fall and Spring
IT 430 Ethical Hacking for Administrators Fall and Spring
CS 332 Operating Systems Principles Fall and Spring
CS 356 Introduction to Computer Networks Fall and Spring
CS 357 Fundamentals of NetworkSecurity Fall ONLY
CS 458 Technologies of Network Security Spring ONLY

Please contact the department if you have any questions about Math/Science requirements.  Please visit the NJIT Undergraduate Catalog for all course descriptions.