Quentin Jones

Contact Info

Title: Associate Professor
Email: quentin.jones@njit.edu
Office: 5600-5606 Suites GITC Bldg.
Phone: 973-596-5290
Dept: Information Systems
Webpage: http://modiin.njit.edu/

About Me

Dr. Quentin Jones is an Associate Professor with a Ph.D. in Information Systems from University of Haifa, Israel.  He has received many grants from National Science Foundation to develop user-location and social-activity aware mobile applications for community building, collaboration and customer discovery.  To achieve that goal, Dr. Jones built an NJIT test-bed with NSF funding – a wireless and mobile environment for location-based online community.  He currently supervises four Ph.D. students working in the area of human-centered computing. Their work advances social inference in the context of social computing applications, specifically: (1) the prevalence of social inference risks; (2) people´s difficulties in accurately predicting social inference risks; and (3) the relation between information entropy and social inference. They also enable predicting possible social inferences by modeling users´ background knowledge and calculating information entropy, and guiding how social inference support systems can be deployed that protect user privacy.




  • 2008-2011    NSF CNS-0831753 and CNS-0831785, “ANET: Mobius: A Multi-Tier Socially-Aware Network Infrastructure“. PI Borcea C, Co-PI Jones Q.
  • 2009-2012    NSF IIS-1041476, "EAGER: Transforming Everyday Social Activity Coordination Through Mobile Outeraction-Support Systems," PI Jones Q.
  • 2007-2008    NSF SGER-HCC $100,113 Synchronous Social-Interaction-Space Recommender Systems: Supporting Individual and Community Needs
  • 2007-2008    NSF IIS DST -  REU Supplement for “Using GeoTemporal Social Matching to Support Community.”. Pending Final Approval by Program officer $12,000. PI: Jones Q., Co-PI: Borcea C., Co-PI: Hiltz S.R., Co-PI: Manikopoulos C., and Co-PI: Amento B.
  • 2007-2008    NSF IIS ITR-CreativeIT SGER 0714158 $198,598. Fostering Creativity in Ubiquitous Social Computing through Casual and Formal Interactions in Interdisciplinary Design Studios. PI: Jabi W., Co-PI: Jones Q., Co-PI: Borcea C., Co-PI: Passerini K., and Co-PI: Churchill E.
  • 2005-2008    NSF IIS DST 0534520 $749,608. Using GeoTemporal Social Matching to Support Community. PI: Jones Q., Co-PI: Borcea C., Co-PI: Hiltz S.R., and Co-PI: Amento B.
  • 2005-2008    NSF CNS 0454081 $950,398 (NSF $791,998 / Required NJIT Match $158,400). CRI: 'SmartCampus' A Wireless Mobile Community System with People-To-People-To-Places Services. PI: Jones Q., Co-PI: Borcea C., Co-PI: Hiltz S.R., and Ziaveras S.,
  • 2005               NSF IIS DST 0543332 REU Supplement $12,000. Collaborative Research: Mark This! - Operationalizing the Notion of "Place" For Interactive Community Systems.
  • 2004-2005    Hewlett Packard Technology for Teaching Grant Initiative Higher Education grant ($69,591) SmartCampus. PI Jones Q., Co-PI Hiltz S.R., Co-PI Manikopoulos C., and Co-PI Tekinay S.
  • 2003-2005            NSF DST IIS 0543332 and 0308018 $521,044 (NJIT $347,633 / UMN $173,411). Collaborative Research: Mark This! - Operationalizing the Notion of "Place" For Interactive Community Systems.  PI: Jones Q., Co-PI: Terveen L. (UMN), and Co-PI: Whittaker S. (Univ. of Sheffield).