Fadi Deek

Contact Info

Title: Provost and Senior Executive Vice President
Email: fadi.deek@njit.edu
Office: 380 Fenster Hall
Phone: 973-596-3220
Dept: Office of the Provost
Webpage: http://www.njit.edu/provost/fadi

About Me


  • Ph.D. Computer and Information Science, New Jersey Institute of Technology, 1997
  • M.S. Computer Science, New Jersey Institute of Technology, 1986
  • B.S. Computer Science, New Jersey Institute of Technology, 1985

Honors and Awards

The NJIT Student Senate “Administrator of the Year Award”, 2007.

The IBM "Faculty Award", 2002.

The NJIT "Robert W. Van Houten Award for Teaching Excellence", 2002.

The NJIT "Master Teacher Award", 2001.

The NJIT "Excellence in Teaching Award", Lower Division Undergraduate Instruction Category, 1999.

The NJIT "Overseers Public and University Service Award", 1997.

The NJIT Student Senate "Faculty of the Year Award", 1993.

The NJIT Honors Program "Outstanding Teacher Award", 1992.

The NJIT Student Senate "Faculty of the Year Award", 1992.

The NJIT "Excellence in Teaching Award" Special Lecturer Category, 1990.

Nominated for the "Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching U.S. Professor of the Year Award", 1999 and 2000.



Research Interests

My primary research interest is in learning systems and collaborative technologies, with applications to software engineering, and in computer science education.

My approach to research involves a mixture of theoretical development, software system implementation, controlled experimental evaluation, and ultimately deployment of the systems developed. My interest in learning systems revolves around the development of new technologies that take into consideration the cognitive behavior and needs of end-users.

The specific types of learning systems that I am interested in are related to computing which has motivated my work in software engineering. Because both learning and software engineering are highly collaborative activities, I have also become interested in understanding how collaboration works, ranging from the dynamics of collaborative groups to the technologies required for computer-supported work.

My original interest in learning systems was sparked by a long standing interest in computer science education which continues to engage me. These underlying interests in learning systems and collaboration are the unifying theme for my publications, dissertation advisement, system development and professional involvement.

Most of this research has been supported by grants where I have been the principal or co-principal investigator.



* refers to co-authors who are PhD students of F. Deek.
** refers to co-authors who are masters students of F. Deek.
*** refers to co-authors who are undergraduate students of F. Deek.


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