IS and IT Centers and Labs

Game Development Lab

Located in GITC 4219, the Game Development Lab is used by our IT Students in the Game Development specialization to practice what they have learned in their Game Development track.  For access to this Lab, please contact the IT Program Office at 973-596-5764 or contact Prof. Marc Sequeira.

IT Systems Administration Lab

Located in GITC 1301, the Systems Administration Lab is where some of our IT courses take place.  Please contact Prof. Stanley Senesy if you plan on visiting this lab. 


Center for Information Protection, Cybersecurity Lab (CIP Lab)

Located in GITC 1204, the CIP or Cybersecurity Lab is the place where IT Students conduct research and practice the knowledge acquired in their Network and Security courses.  Lab Administrators effectively train and instruct current students in the art of proper administration and security practices so that they may positively impact the changing global IT landscape. 

CIP hosts many hands-on labs for a variety of classes at NJIT to teach practical experience for the theories taught by faculty. Stop by our open hours at the lab and get a hands-on and personalized learning experience. Learn from our senior staff, ask questions and get the practical experience you need.  To access this lab, please contact our Lab Administrator, Vadym Apostolyuk at, or Senior Lab Administrator, Justin Munier at

Take an opportunity to follow this research group on our CIP Twitter page.  The CIP Lab's Director is Dr. Robert Statica and general administration is provided by the IT Program.


Information technology is one of NJIT’s highest strategic priorities. NJIT is widely recognized for the excellence of its academic programs and its research in the IT field. A current $50 million commitment to the development of its IT infrastructure is bringing it to an even higher level. NJ I-TOWER will further enhance the quality and prominence of the institution in the IT field by directing its resources toward graduate and undergraduate research and programmatic enhancements.

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Social Interaction Lab

At the Social Interaction Lab, we develop novel technologies for positive social interaction and try to understand how people use social technologies, such as social media, mobile phones, and multiplayer games, just to name a few. We are human-computer interaction (HCI) scholars and use both qualitative and quantitative research methods. We are a very diverse group and our work is inevitably interdisciplinary; drawing from psychology, communication, computer science, and design.

Learn more at the Social X Lab.

Connections Lab

The Connections Lab studies how people build and maintain social ties through technology. As mobile social applications become and essential part of our social fabric, they are transforming the way we make new social ties and redefining human connection and communication.  Our goal is to transform the experience people have with new technologies.  From understanding user needs, to developing and evaluating those technologies, the lab's faculty, staff, and students have been leading the way in HCI research and teaching.

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